40 Members of Connecticut National Guard Deploy to Afghanistan

Forty Connecticut National Guard men and women are deploying to Afghanistan for a year. The 192nd Engineer Battalion departed for Texas Wednesday morning.

This is the first deployment for Lieutenant Joseph Stoute, a Meriden police officer.

”I’ve been a police officer for 10 years, so it’s just a different, a different playground to me.”

According to the National Guard, the battalion will be stationed in Texas for further training. From there, they will leave for Afghanistan for about 12 months, specializing in route clearance.

”Clearing roads or any kind of supply routes of anything that could put American soldiers or other service members in any kind of harm’s way and that involves explosives or anything else that could cause them harm,” explained Lt. Col. Charles Jaworski.

Lieutenant Christopher Barnabei, who is deploying for the first time, said he is ready to embrace the mission. His mother and younger sister were beaming with pride in their last moments together.

“I’ve already planned on writing letters and just kind of keeping him abreast of what happens on a day-to-day basis, and I think that’s going be like a therapy for me,” said Sharon Barnabei, of North Haven.

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