911 Call Sheds Light on Torrington Shooting and Fire

A Torrington woman's 911 call reveals the trauma she endured when her husband shot her, then turned the gun on himself and apparently set fire to the family home last week.

"911, what's the address of the emergency?" said the operator.

"497, please, my husband just shot me," Kelly Thompson told him the morning of March 25.

"I'm sorry, what's the address?"

"497 Highland Avenue."

Thompson made it onto the front porch, bleeding. The operator asked her where her husband was at that moment.

"Oh my God!" she blurted out. "I think he just shot himself."

First responders arrived at the home within four minutes of the 911 call. They found Thompson with bullets in her leg, hand and body. The house was on fire.

The 911 operator tried to get as much information from her as he could.

"Calm down," he said, "I'm going to help you…. And you think your husband shot himself also?"

"I don't know," she answered.

That uncertainty kept first responders from entering the building. Stationed outside the house, police used a public address system in an effort to contact Kevin Thompson, who was still inside, according to his wife. There was no answer.

After crews put out the flames, they searched the rubble and found the body of Kevin Thompson, with a gun nearby.

His wife, Kelly, was taken to the hospital and listed in stable condition.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to benefit the family.

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