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Contaminated Gasoline Damages Cars in Hartford



    Contaminated Gasoline Damages Cars in Hartford
    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    Contaminated gasoline is costing drivers some big bucks. Dozens of cars have been affected and city inspectors uncovered the problem at a gas station in Hartford.

    Filling up at the Speedy Food Mart on New Britain Avenue and Broad Street, is something Charles Nelson regrets. “I’m pretty vexed right now,” Nelson said. 

    Nelson said he put premium gas in his car Sunday afternoon, and an hour later there were problems. “The car clunked out on me on Park Street,” he explained.

    The next day he went back to Speedy Food Mart to find the owner.  He said a handful of customers with engine failure were there looking for him too. “They were hysterical they couldn't believe their car stalled out because of the gas,” Nelson added.

    After getting a few similar complaints, city inspectors showed up Thursday and checked out the tanks.  They said water somehow got in, and the high grade gasoline was contaminated.

    “I won’t be back at that gas station ever again,” Nelson said.  That was because fixing his engine won’t be cheap. “It’s costing me $1,000 to get my car back,” Nelson said.

    NBC Connecticut tried contacting the owner several times on his cell phone, but he did not return the phone calls.  The Better Business Bureau said he should pay for the damages, and they are now investigating.

    “If there is a problem with the product the owner should resolve it with the consumer and reimburse them,” said Howard Schwartz with BBB. 

    Schwartz told NBC Connecticut, dozens of motorists could be affected.  If you’re one of them, he said Speedy Food Mart will need proof, so keep your receipt from the gas station and mechanic. “To make your case you have to have some sort of paperwork,” Schwartz added.

    Charles Nelson just wanted this business to be accountable for the supposed damage caused at the pump. “You made a mistake…fix it,” Nelson said.

    The city said the gas station owner was cooperating, and trying to figure out how water leaked into the gas tanks. 

    If your car was damaged, the Better Business Bureau wants to hear from you. You can reach them at 203- 269-2700.