FBI Investigating Bullets Fired at Meriden Mosque: Police - NBC Connecticut

FBI Investigating Bullets Fired at Meriden Mosque: Police



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    The Federal Bureau of Investigation and police are investigating after gunshots were fired at a mosque in Meriden two days after the terror attacks in Paris, according to police.

    Police said they responded to reports of gunshots at 410 Main St. around 10 p.m. on Sunday and found that bullets had hit Baitul Aman Mosque, which means “house of peace,” according to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community website

    When Meriden police found the bullet holes, they immediately reached out to the FBI.

    No additional information was immediately available on what happened at the mosque, which has a message up outside the building saying, "Love for All. Hatred for None, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community."

    This incident happened the day after the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks on a stadium, a concert hall and cafes on Friday that killed 129 people and wounded 352 others. 

    The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of the United States has condemned the ISIS attacks.

    “ISIS claims these attacks protect Prophet Muhammad’s honor, when in fact this does him the greatest dishonor,” Dr. Nasim Rehmatullah, National Vice President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, said in a statement posted online. “They practice a false ideology which will be trumped only by a better ideology, which is True Islam.” 

    On Monday, a mosque in Texas was vandalized and feces and torn pages of the Quran were thrown at the door. 

    While there is no information confirming that the shots were fired in response to what happened in Paris, this is the second incident to target members of the Muslim community in Connecticut since the attacks.  

    On Saturday, a Muslim University of Connecticut student found “killed Paris” scrawled on a nametag outside his dorm room, which prompted the school to hold a demonstration to stand up against racism.