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First Responders Start Fund for Oxford Shooting Victims



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    A relief fund has been set up for the victims shot and killed in Oxford on Wednesday.

    Police said Scott Gellatly, 46, is accused of killing Lori Gellatly, 32, and shooting his mother-in-law,  Merry Jackson, 64.

    The crime at the home on Sioux Drive in Oxford has had a devastating impact on their loved ones, and it has taken a toll on first responders. 

    “It’s been real tough,” said Colin Nash.  The paramedic with Oxford Ambulance was inside the home on Wednesday, minutes after police say Scott Gellatly opened fire.  Nash was desperately trying to save the victims. “These patients needed emergent care and the suspect hadn't been located yet the scene wasn't safe,” Nash explained.

    Gellatly’s estranged wife Lori did not survive.  Her mother Merry Jackson is in stable condition at the hospital, recovering from gunshot wounds.  Court records show both victims had applied for restraining orders against the suspect.  In fact, he and Lori were supposed to be in court the next day for a hearing.

    While the town tries to understand how this could have happened, crews from Oxford Ambulance are stepping in to show their support. “What can we do to help them recover,” Nash said.

    So they just set up a fundraising page to help the Jackson Family. Funeral costs and medical bills could be extensive.  In less than 24 hours, people across the state have donated nearly $2,000.  “We started advertising it on Facebook just yesterday and it has had a great response,” Nash explained.

    For Oxford Ambulance getting involved is also a way for the paramedics to heal. “It's obviously helping us getting over a tragedy like that,” Nash added.

    If you want to donate here is a link from Oxford Ambulance:

    Scott Gellatly is charged with murder and attempted murder.  He is being held on bond.