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Foley Leads Malloy in NY Times, CBS, YouGov Online Poll



    Foley Leads Malloy in NY Times, CBS, YouGov Online Poll

    A collaborative poll between The New York Times, CBS News and research firm YouGov places Tom Foley (R) as the slight favorite for the 2014 gubernatorial race over incumbent Dannel P. Malloy (D) by 9 percentage points.

    An online panel of about 100,000 people nationwide responded to the poll, which asked questions about political races across the country, including "if the election for Governor in Connecticut were being held today and these were the candidates, who would you vote for?" YouGov conducted the poll in partnership with the two media outlets, Nate Cohen reported in his column, "TheUpshot"  in the Times.

    According to results released on the CBS website, 42 percent would vote for Foley, 33 percent would vote for Malloy, 4 percent would vote for another candidate, 3 percent said they wouldn't vote and 5 percent were unsure, the results state. Eight percent responded that they're "leaning" toward Malloy and 6 percent said that they're leaning toward Foley, according to the results.

    Malloy, however, led in popularity for poll participants ages 30 to 44 (42 to Foley's 30 percent) and female (42 to Foley's 29), as well as respondents of black and Hispanic descent who participated in the poll, according to the results. The majority of respondents ages 18 to 29 (44 percent for Foley, 30 for Malloy), 45 to 64 (39 for Foley, 32 for Malloy) and 65 and up (54 for Foley, 30 for Malloy), as well as male participants (51 for Foley, 26 for Malloy) said they'd vote for Foley.

    The last Quinnipiac poll released in May showed Malloy and Foley in a deadlocked tie in approval ratings for the governor's race. Quinnipiac does "phone-based polling" in contrast, according to CT News Junkie.