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Hartford Stores Shut Down After Failing Inspection



    Hartford Stores Shut Down After Failing Inspection

    Three businesses in Hartford’s North End have been shut down and two store clerks were arrested after inspections revealed numerous food, labor law and building code violations, according to police.

    Hartford police and city and state agencies conducted inspections late Monday morning to check for proper licensing and make sure stores were abiding by tax, food, sanitation, electrical and fire codes. Of the four businesses inspected, only Hartford Liquor at 212 Capen Street passed.

    The three others – Willy’s Super Deli at 209 Capen Street, D&R Grocery at 213 Capen Street and My Food Market at 224 Capen Street – were shut down and fined after inspectors found several violations there.

    Willy’s Super Deli was found with structural/building code and payroll/labor law violations. Authorities also learned the store had been selling untaxed cigarettes, according to police.

    Two store clerks, 27-year-old Joshua Hernandez-Herrera and 49-year-old Luis Martinez, both Hartford residents, were arrested and charged with the possession and sale of hallucinogens and interfering with police. They were also issued a misdemeanor summons for the possession and sale of untaxed tobacco.

    D&R Grocery was closed after inspectors found structural/building code violations, liquor law violations, payroll/labor law violations health code violations including expired food. Police said the store reopened without state approval later Monday afternoon and was shut down for a second time. Additional fines and violations will be issued as a result.

    My Food Market was found with labor law and health code violations, police said.