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Middletown Tree Memorial Will Honor the Fallen



    Middletown Tree Memorial Will Honor the Fallen
    Middletown's tree memorial will honor Connecticut men and woman who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Construction of the Connecticut Trees of Honor memorial in Middletown is ready to start.

    On Tuesday morning, volunteers will begin building the living memorial which will honor the 65 men and women from Connecticut who lost their lives while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    When it’s finished, the memorial will feature 65 trees and plaques in honor of Connecticut’s fallen heroes, a reflecting pond, a walkway, and much more. Besides honoring those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, the site will also pay tribute to all of Connecticut’s veterans.

    “I’m doing this as a huge gesture of paying it forward,” said Sue Martucci, one of the project’s founders. “My daughter did two long tours in Iraq and I was so grateful she came home safely.”

    The project is being built entirely by volunteers, including veterans and families who have lost loved ones in those wars.

    If you’d like to help out, or make a financial donation, you can find out more information on the Trees of Honor website: cttreesofhonor.com.