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First Storm a Challenge for DOT



    First Storm a Challenge for DOT

    From the moment the Nor’easter brought snow to Connecticut, it caused a stir for drivers everywhere  and many were asking what the Department of Transportation was doing to keep the roadways safe.

    “The car kept stopping and stuttering as you go. … It’s rough out there,” Matt Ramlow said on Wednesday.

    “It seemed like a mess … even on the highways. It was tough to see … low visibility, a lot of slush and ice,” said Gus Elvin.

    Kevin Nursick, a spokesman for the DOT said although the DOT was ready, the first storm of the year is always rough.

    First Snow Storm Causes Major Traffic Problems

    [HAR] First Snow Storm Causes Major Traffic Problems
    The first snow storm of the season wreaked havoc on Connecticut highways, the conditions were slick causing spin outs and crashes. As well as a major backup on I84 leaving drivers sitting parked for hours.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012)

    “No one is used to driving in this [weather]. Folks tend to be driving too fast, and their cars aren’t prepared,” said Nursick.

    Nursick said the timing of the storm was a big challenge for the DOT. Crews usually begin to salt the roads as the storm moves in because it’s the most efficient way to keep the roadways running smoothly.

    However, the storm began around rush hour, which limited the DOT’s ability to prepare the roads.

    “While everyone is commuting home, and there’s a lot of traffic… people are stuck in traffic, so too [were] our plow trucks,” said Nursick.

    The DOT said they hoped Thursday will be much better for drivers.

    “We’ve got virtually every piece of equipment that we can [have] out on the roadways,” Nursick said.

    According to the DOT, hundreds of crew members were to be working through the night to make sure the roadways are prepared for the morning rush hour.