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Police: Judge Breaking the Law

State Trooper wants Judge Corinne Klatt arrested.



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    State Police have applied for a warrant to arrest a Connecticut Superior Court Judge.

    Investigators want to file coercion and hindering a criminal investigation charges against Judge Corinne Klatt, according the Republican-American in Waterbury.

    Klatt presides in Bantam Superior Court. She has refused to sign an arrest warrant for a man in Salisbury accused of attacking another man who was communicating with his former girlfriend. The incident took place at the West Main Cafe in Salisbury. Klatt won't sign the warrant unless she also gets an arrest warrant application for the victim in the case, the paper reported.

    Salisbury Resident Trooper Mark Lauretano, who is investigating the original incident, says Klatt is breaking the law.

    "The fact that Judge Klatt is currently holding onto a valid arrest warrant for the accused and refusing to sign it until and unless she receives an arrest warrant for the victim is coercion and a violation of criminal law," Lauretano said in a statement.

    It is unclear why Klatt has declined to sign the arrest warrant.