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Westport Gas Line Leaks, Explodes



    Westport Gas Line Leaks, Explodes
    Westport Fire Department
    Firefighters work to extinguish a 20-foot fireball that erupted from a leaking gas line Friday morning in Westport.

    A leaking gas line exploded into a 20-foot fireball in Westport this morning, closing down Route 1 and shutting off the gas to three commercial buildings, fire officials said.

    Thirteen firefighters flocked to a construction site on Westfair Drive around 10:30 Friday morning when a high-pressure gas line developed a leak and blew up, according to the Westport Fire Department.

    Southern Connecticut gas was called in to shut off the gas. Officials evacuated nearby buildings and closed down Post Road East/Route 1 while crews worked to extinguish the flames.

    No one was injured, but several trees, and pickup truck and construction tools were damaged in the fiery burst, officials said.

    The road reopened at 12:15 p.m. At that time, gas company workers were still repairing the line.