AAA Dealing With Many Dead Batteries, Stuck Cars

More than 1,500 people called AAA Wednesday because their car batteries died or they got stuck in the snow and ice. 

On Thursday morning, AAA again averaged more than 100 calls per hour. 

Extremely cold temperatures can strain batteries, especially older ones, according to AAA. 

“Unfortunately because it was so cold, that does affect your battery. So best thing to do is, even if you’re not going to go out, run your car for a little bit, let it warm up, just so you know it starts,” Jordan Grzybowski, a fleet driver for AAA, said. 

Batteries typically last three to five years, but AAA recommends drivers get them checked annually after the third year. Regular checkups can help avoid sudden emergencies.

AAA also recommends packing an emergency kit with food, water and blankets in your vehicle in case you get stuck. They also advise drivers to regularly check tire pressure and tread. When tread depth reaches a 4/32 of inch groove AAA recommends replacing tires.

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