Rocky Hill

Firefighters Confirm Source of Elevated Carbon Monoxide Levels That Led to Rocky Hill Apartment Evacuation

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NBC Connecticut

A building at Concierge Apartments in Rocky Hill was evacuated Tuesday morning because of high levels of carbon monoxide, according to the fire department.

Firefighters responded to a carbon monoxide alarm at the apartments at 400 Cold Spring Road and found high levels of carbon monoxide in the building's lobby, according to the fire department.

The fire department said the building was fully evacuated after elevated levels of carbon monoxide were found not just in the lobby, but throughout the building. People were able to return to their rooms around 12:45 p.m. after crews had ventilated the building and determined it safe to re-enter.

The Rocky Hill Fire Department says the source of the elevated levels was a large natural gas boiler which was being serviced by a maintenance company, and somehow exhausted into the building.

The fire department said that while some people were evaluated by emergency medical personnel, no serious injuries were reported.

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