Veteran's Day

Beacon Falls Celebrates Veterans on Veterans Day

People across the state, including in Beacon Falls, showed their appreciation for those who served our country.

“It was a good education. I didn’t go to college but I learned the hard way. It was fun,” said Anthony Kowalski.

Kowalski proudly remembers serving in the Air Force from 1957 to 1961. The retired Airman 3rd class was part of a squadron that taught navigation to young officers.

“It’s an honor that I’m still alive and it’s an honor to see all of the vets here,” said Kowalski.

Kowalski was among the dozens of veterans who people paid tribute at a ceremony in Beacon Falls, which was held at the clubhouse of a housing development called Chatfield Farms.

For the past several years they’ve gathered on Veterans Day to add names to a plaque that recognizes residents who served our nation.

“Veterans Day is more than a day of shopping and getting discounts. It’s a day of honoring and remembering,” said Ted Goodman, a Navy veteran who helped organize the event.

He calls it a time to reflect and appreciate former military members, especially as many of them pass away.

“If we don’t leave a legacy this is all going to die with us. You’re not going to remember. You’ll just have cemeteries around the world,” said Goodman.

So it’s sharing veterans’ stories that will help make sure their sacrifice is known to future generations, some of whom may consider following in the footsteps of brave men and women.

“If you have the attitude go in, have a good time, learn a trade. That’s the best thing,” said Kowalski.

According to the governor’s office there are more than 250,000 veterans in our state.

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