Bloomfield Demonstrators Express Concerns Following Race-Related Incidents

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Bloomfield protesters gathered together on the Town Green on Saturday to express their frustrations following two race-related incidents.

The first incident occurred last Thursday at Silas Deane Pawn Shop when an 8-year-old boy was called a racial slur.

The second incident happened after a candle-light vigil where a man says he had a gun pulled out on him by a white male.

Justice and equality are what the protesters demanded.

NBC Connecticut

Ashley Sheridan is a former educator and a mother. Sheridan tells NBC Connecticut that she was upset to hear that the two incidents happened inside her town.

"Both of these incidents that have been in the news lately have involved children," said Sheridan. "I feel like it is my job as a resident of Bloomfield and as a white resident of Bloomfield to stand up and say this is unacceptable."

Demonstrators brought signs and chanted 'Black Lives Matter' and "No Justice, No Peace" as they marched around the Town Green.

NBC Connecticut

Cornell Lewis is a civil rights activist and helped organize the peaceful demonstration. Lewis tells NBC Connecticut that the incidents are unacceptable and is demanding change.

"In light of these developments and the information that we have now, we feel it's necessary to have another protest and to do something a little stronger," said Lewis. "We have America right where we want her in terms of her listening to the racial matters; now we have to force America to change so that these kinds of incidents don't happen again."

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