Breaking Down West Hartford's New Bike Lane Symbols

They’re meant to keep everyone safe, but new bike lanes are causing a bit of confusion in West Hartford.

The town resurfaced the road and added the bike lanes just within the past few months. But some of the symbols used are not familiar to everyone.

West Hartford resident Laurie Kelliher tries to get out and ride her bike at least three times a week. She loves the new bike lanes on Boulevard.

“They’re wonderful. I feel so much safer,” said Laurie Kelliher. “There’s no question. Especially along here because they just did the road again. It’s so smooth.”

For some, the symbols are a little confusing.

“When they first put that in I had no idea what that was for,” said Nith Mony from West Hartford. “Like no idea.”

On one side of Boulevard, the bike lane is clearly marked to the side of the road. On the other side of the street, the symbol is inside the roadway and looks completely different.

“If it has a solid white line and then the bicyclist logo is to the right of that white line between the curb, we’re encouraging bicyclists to actually use that lane,” said Capt. Mike Perruccio of the West Hartford Police. “If it’s a picture of a bicycle just on the road, then it’s to remind people that there’s going to be bicyclists there.”

The bike lanes also do not affect parking.

“If it is a legal parking space and there are no “no parking” signs then people have the right to park their cars on the side of the road. It’s incumbent upon the bicyclist to navigate safely around that car,” Perruccio said.

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