No Explosives Found During Bristol Central Bomb Scare

Bristol Central High School was dismissed Tuesday because of a threat, according to the superintendent’s office.

Bristol police and firefighters responded to the high school on Wolcott Street at 9:57 a.m. after a student found a bomb threat note, according to a news release from the Bristol Police Department. State Police and troopers with police dogs that can detect explosive devices assisted local police in searching the school.  Officials did not find a bomb.

The principal’s office Tweeted that a message had been written on a desk, claiming a bomb would go off at 10:46 on May 27.

Students and staff were evacuated to the athletic field as police secured the building and grounds. By 1 p.m., law enforcement determined the school was safe, but the Bristol Board of Education closed the school for the rest of the day and students were sent home on buses. Officials notified parents about the incident.

Police are investigating the threat and no other schools are affected.

Bristol police ask that anyone with information contacts 860-584-3000.

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