Bristol Police Add First Motorcycle Division in Decades

For the first time in more than two decades, the Bristol Police Department will have a motorcycle division.

The department purchased two Harley Davidson motorcycles that four officers will ride on a rotating basis. Their primary focus will be traffic enforcement and accident investigations.

The officers went through a special two-week training course in New Jersey to operate the bikes.
Leaders said the motorcycles will be a great help to the police force and, since they were paid for by seized assets, they cost taxpayers no money.

“It’s a great resource to bring to the community and to the police officers,” Mayor Ken Cockayne said.

“Our motorcycle patrols will not be used in lieu of our regular patrols, but will be used in addition to our regular patrols” Police Chief Tom Grimaldi said.

The bikes are equipped with wireless Internet access, laptops and ticket printers.

“You’re able to conduct more enforcement, kind of, in a stealthier way. People don’t expect to see the motorcycle,” Officer Lang Mussen said.

The bikes hit the road at the beginning of the month, but made their official debut on Tuesday.

Officers who ride them said they’ve gotten a great response from the public.

“Every day, when we’re out riding, people just randomly stop by just to talk to us, ask questions, say how much they like seeing the bikes around,” Officer Patrick Krajewski said.

Officials hope the police department can add more motorcycles in the future.

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