New Britain Mayoral Candidate Accused of Assaulting Incumbant

New Britain mayoral candidate Alfred Mayo has been charged with assault after allegedly grabbing the arm of the current mayor and pushing her away at an event in the city last week.

Mayo was arrested Friday and charged with third-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace, according to online court records. He is running to unseat the incumbent Erin Stewart in New Britain's race for mayor.

The altercation happened July 30 during an event at a park with children. Mayo showed up with a campaign sign and allegedly started yelling profanities at one of Stewart's staff members.

Stewart went over to intervene when Mayo grabbed her arm, according to the police report.

Mayo, who is working to petition his way onto the ballot, said all he was trying to do was hold up a campaign sign and spread the word about his candidacy.

“It’s freedom of expression to let people know I’m running," Mayo said during an interview at his home Tuesday. "That’s all I was doing. No words were said. I’m just displaying a sign."

Stewart declined to comment on the encounter with Mayo but tweeted Monday, "I'm okay, thank you all for your support. Hopefully it's the last time this happens."

Mayo would not disclose details of the interaction, saying he doesn't want to interfere with the court case. However, he did not deny using profanity in the presence of children.

Stewart is the youngest mayor in the country running a city of New Britain's size. She's well known in Republican circles as an up-and-comer and potential future star of the party, which serves in the minority across state government.

Mayo was released from custody after posting $500 bond and is due back in court Sept. 14.

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