Camp Offers Reward to Solve Canoe Caper

When someone stole the trailers that held six canoes, they took more than some boats that campers paddle around in all summer. They stole sentimental pieces from the oldest co-ed camp in the county.

On April 28, Incarnation Camp staff members were getting ready for the 124th camping season to begin. They were checking Pioneer Village, the section of the Deep River camp reserved for teens when, to their surprise, they noticed the trailers missing, camp officials said.

Six 17-foot Grumman Canoes that were locked onto a trailer, with the hitch removed, had vanished.

For hours, they searched for the missing canoes and made phone calls. Nothing turned up.

On paper, the canoes and the trailers are worth more than $14,000. However, to the camp, they are irreplaceable.

These canoes, decorated with paint and signed by campers, hold many sentimental memories of taking campers on adventures down the Connecticut River.

Incarnation is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of their precious canoes and trailer.

Anyone with information, should contact Peter Larom, Executive Director of Incarnation Center at 860-767-0848 or e-mail

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