Car Crashes Into Norwalk Store

There was an extremely close call inside a Norwalk packing and shipping store on Wednesday when a car barreled through the front windows toward the people inside.

“It was just – boom,” said Greg Bryson, owner of The UPS Store on Main Avenue. Bryson was behind the counter helping a couple of customers when he heard some very loud noise. “I hear her squealing tires, next thing I know big huge bang,” he said. “She popped the curb and drove into my store.”

Bryson said the driver is a frequent customer.

“It sounded like a very big explosion,” he said.

Somehow the woman, who Bryson wishes to remain nameless, plowed right through his storefront, narrowly missing all the people inside. Two of Bryson’s employees had been sorting letters behind what is a now-crushed wall of mailboxes just minutes before impact. He is amazed no one was seriously hurt - including the woman in the driver’s seat.

“She basically crawled out the back door of the car and by then the police and ambulance were here within a minute,” he said.

The employees arranged for a temporary wall to be constructed and the store was able able to open up for business for the rest of the day. 15 years ago, Bryson said, another driver plowed right through the very same spot. He said there is a lot more damage for the insurance company to process this time around.

“There was probably two inches of glass throughout the whole store,” said Bryson.

Bryson said the driver spent a night in the hospital for evaluation and is expected to be fine. He expects her back inside his store – without her vehicle - later this week.

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