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CDC Recommends Having Gatherings Outdoors This Labor Day Weekend If You Can

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It's Labor Day Weekend and with cases of coronavirus increasing, health experts are recommending that the typical last burst of getaways and gatherings be held outdoors as much as possible.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to emphasize that outdoors is much safer than indoors if you're having a gathering.

"Outdoors is much safer than indoors if you're having a gathering," said state Dept. of Public Health Acting Commissioner Dr. Deidre Gifford.

If you are going to have an event indoors, it is strongly recommended that people wear masks.

In cities like New Haven, masking isn't just a recommendation, but it is a requirement for those in indoor public spaces.

"By and large, people are following the masking guidance. Believe it or not, we didn't have to give out even any verbal warnings, but we'll still be out and about making sure that people are following that guidance," New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker said.

"In New Haven overwhelmingly, people have been focusing on keeping each other safe and following that guidance. And that's something that I think we can be grateful for as a community," Elicker added.

The CDC is also recommending that unvaccinated people do not travel this holiday weekend.

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