Cha-Ching! Someone in Connecticut Won Big!

Someone in Connecticut is a million dollars richer. They just don't know it yet! The Connecticut Lottery says an unclaimed Powerball ticket is still floating around worth a whopping million dollars!

The winner matched the five numbers (03-07-13-34-47) and had the Power Play number 5. They didn't get the Powerball number. And they didn't check their ticket!

"I think it's crazy, if you bought the ticket, you might as well check the numbers. Takes five seconds to check the paper," said Blake Carlson, a bartender at Sully's Pub in Hartford.

So we had to ask: What would you do with a million dollars? Some would put down some down payments.

"I know the first thing I'd do was buy a house, and then get myself a pick-up truck, then another dog," said Carlson.

"Certainly wouldn't invest right now, I don't know, take care of my family, my friends," said Christie Carey of Manchester.

"A million bucks? I think I'll buy me a house, give a donation to my favorite charity," said Sharon Drake of Hartford.

Others would use it to get revenge on a rival baseball team.

"I would buy a thousand Yankee jerseys and start a bonfire," said Jeffrey Cunningham, the executive chef at Lena's Pizza in Hartford.

But even if you didn't win the million, there's still hope. Since there was no winner for Wednesday's jackpot, Saturday's drawing is $44 million!

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