Changes in Connecticut's Tax-Free Week for Back-to-School Shopping

Connecticut is one of sixteen states that offer tax-free back to school shopping. This year, the rules for Connecticut’s tax-free week are different than what many consumers may be used to. Starting at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, August 16 through midnight on August 22, shoppers will be able to get some back to school buy tax-free.

“I take the kids shopping every year and it’s a great thing,” said Cary Jacobs, of New Haven, who takes her grandchildren school shopping each August. She said she tries to get the most bang for her buck by hitting the stores during Connecticut’s tax-free week.

“You go from one store to the next and it really is a good thing for the state,” Jacobs said. “It’s a good thing for the consumer.”

Quinnipiac University School of Business Professor David agrees that this is a win-win week. “Although the state loses some revenue, it should earn gratitude from the citizens who also save money on acquiring items that they will probably need for the start of the school year,” he said.

Qualifying items include clothing and footwear that costs $100 or less. That is different from previous years when $300 or less was the cut-off for the tax-free exemption. For items on sale, the reduced sales price is used to determine whether an item is taxable.

Even with the changes, shoppers are already eyeing deals to start the school year off with some deals.

“It’s a nice time because it’s right before school because that’s when everyone wants to get new clothes and new stuff for their dorm and stuff,” college student Katie Jacobs said.

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