Child Strangled by Happy Meal Toy, State Warns

Connecticut's Consumer Protection Commissioner has asked the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to consider taking a new toy found in McDonald's Happy Meals off the market.

Commissioner Jerry Farrell, Jr. sent a letter to the CPSC after a woman from Ledyard said her four-year-old son was nearly strangled by a toy from "The Last Airbender" Movie.

According to The Day of New London, Maze Stephan said her son took the bracelet from "The Last Airbender Katara" figurine and put it around his neck. The hard plastic ends of the bracelet allegedly cut off blood circulation, and the boy began to lose consciousness, the paper reported. The mother was able to remove the bracelet before any real harm was done to her son.

Farrell decided to take action by contacting the CPSC. "It is rare for us to ask CPSC to give priority to a specific item, but I think the unique nature of this, assuming everything to be true, where the child could have died right there, demands that they look at this quickly," Farrell told The Day. He is urging parents to keep their children away from the toy until the CPSC can determine if it's dangerous. The issue hits close to home for Farrell, who told the paper his three-year-old son has the "The Last Airbender Katara" figurine and bracelet at home.

A spokesperson for McDonald's said the company is looking into the matter.

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