Christmas in October? Movie Shoot Decks Out Several Conn. Towns

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Meriden. Filmmakers were on set on East Main Street Wednesday shooting an upcoming Christmas movie. The old armory was completely transformed into Santa’s workshop for an upcoming film.

“To have Hollywood movie stars land here in Cromwell and now in Meriden, is unbelievable and I’m so excited and thrilled about it,” said producer David Gere.

They’re about halfway through production of the movie right now. It’s set to premiere Christmas 2019. The story is about a family and children who help save Christmas.

“Barbara Eden is so iconic,” said Gere. “Denise Richards and Patrick Muldoon play the parents of the children that are in the film and they’re trying to work out their marital stuff so it’s kind of a contemporary story.”

“The message is family,” said director Brian Skiba. “At the end of the day it’s about Santa bringing a family back together.”

They chose Connecticut because New England is the perfect classic Christmas backdrop. Chelsea Vale plays the main “good elf” in the movie.

“It’s been amazing shooting here,” said Vale. “All of the landscapes and the different architecture here brings a different play to the story than we ever could have had in los Angeles.”

From Connecticut himself, producer David Gere said it feels good to bring a film close to home.

“There are so many local people involved whether they’re extras or helping out on the set, or involved in catering,” Gere said. “This is a Connecticut story and it’s about Christmas.”

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