Christmas in September: Crews Filming Holiday Movie in Wethersfield

The film is set to air this Christmas season on Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Wethersfield. Crews are filming a holiday movie in town.

“We are happy that a production company out of Rocky Hill has chosen once again old Wethersfield to film a movie they had done a Hallmark movie last year and now they came back,” said Jill Fletcher, Wethersfield Historical Society.

The film is set to air this Christmas season on Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel.

“They just sort of hand-picked a couple sites with very different buildings,” Fletcher said. “They’re enjoying both private residences and some of our historic buildings.”

Although its September, it looks a lot like December around town. They make fake snow by using a mixture of paper and water in order to get it to stick to the trees.

Karen Miller who was visiting from South Carolina said it looked realistic.

“ I think Wethersfield and New England in particular have that New England , Connecticut, you know Christmas kind of feel that’s what we’re looking for here in Wethersfield is the perfect place to do it,” explained Andrew Gernhard, the movie’s producer.

Gernhard said they will be filming in multiple towns for the project.

“We do want a lot of different looks from different parts of Connecticut, so you’ll be seeing a lot of different sites in this film,” he said.

The shoot is a skip to the holiday season, as well as a boost for local business, and fun for residents.

“It’s a beautiful New England town. People take a lot of pride,” resident Shirley Rastallis said.

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