Cleanup Continues in Southbury After Storms

Sunday was day five of cleanup after the storm tore through Southbury Tuesday. 

For Bill Faraclas, it still seems like the beginning as he faces more than a half-dozen trees toppled on his property. 

“Now it’s a matter of where do you start? And much of this is too dangerous to move without professional help,” Faraclas said. 

Around the area there are signs of progress. Roads have reopened, trees have been lifted off of damaged homes and Eversource crews have restored power to about 150,000 customers statewide. 

“Just got the power back on (Sunday). Just a little while ago. So, we’re getting there. We’re getting there,” Charlie Read, of Southbury, said. 

As for those still in the dark, Eversource promises an all-out effort to fix the historic damage. 

“We continue to make progress. We’re pushing on as hard and as quickly as we can, keeping in mind safety is always job number one,” Eversource spokesman Mitch Gross said. 

Now it’s possible to get around and also take in the scope of the impact. 

Trees appear to have been steamrolled over. Kettletown State Park is one of four in the state that remain closed due to severe damage and neighbor after neighbor deals with a long recovery. 

“One has to resist being in a state of shock,” Faraclas said. 

People are thanking the crews who have now restored power to many in town except around 800 as of Sunday night. 

And they also credit the community for coming together to help each other out. 

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