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Common Ground High School Provides Meals for Students, Families, and Staff

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A partnership between Common Ground Charter School, Haven's Harvest, CORE-Organize Now, Chabaso Bakery and Trader Joe's is looking to help students and their families.

The initiative is a part of the school's commitment to helping the community by taking boxes full of fresh produce, vegetables, eggs, and milk to the front doors of families who are struggling.

In early March, Common Ground began delivering 30 boxes to the front doors of students but now the number of boxes delivered has shot up to 60 boxes.

"A lot of families immediately said we need food," said Deborah Greig who is the farm director at Common Ground. "We are grateful to receive items from Trader Joe's, Yale dining Hall, and restaurants that we're getting rid of inventory."

Darlenne Cazarin is a junior at Common Ground. Cazarin and her family look forward to a special and nutritious delivery each Wednesday.

"I and my family feel really grateful," said Cazarin. "I'm so ecstatic that my school does this every week."

Common Ground also has a weekly cooking show for students and their families to take part in.

The school just recently received a $14,000 grant to help with food, education, and hand sanitizer.

Deamonte Godley is a graduating senior who is benefiting from the school deliveries and wanted to help prepare boxes for his peers.

"These donations will help my family by giving us resources that we don't usually have," said Godley. "It makes me really happy that I could make a difference."

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