Conn. Water Asks Farmington Customers to Reduce Outdoor Water Usage for 24 Hours

NBC Bay Area

Connecticut Water Company is asking customers in Farmington to reduce their outdoor water usage for the next 24 hours to allow water storage tanks to refill after an increase in usage and a mechanical failure.

Officials said the company is seeing higher customer water usage than usual for mid-June and said the demand right now is more typical of the peak season July 4 weekend.

Experts said they believe the higher water usage is due to customers changing their vacation plans due to COVID-19. Instead customers are now enjoying pools and activities at home while focusing on lawns and gardens, officials added.

The increased demand combined with a mechanical failure overnight in the Farmington system has prevented the water storage tanks from completely refilling, Connecticut Water Company said. Crews are working to bring additional seasonal water sources online, they added.

Farmington customers are asked to avoid lawn watering, pool filling and other outdoor water usage for the next 24 hours, officials said. Reducing the water usage will help make sure there is enough water available for domestic use and fire protection.

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