Connecticut Couples Vacationing in California Flee Wildfires

Two Connecticut couples currently on vacation in California's Napa Valley found themselves in the line of fire overnight. The couples, from Branford and Northford, are now safe after having to evacuate from their accommodations in Calistoga.

Deadly wildfires in Northern California have forced thousands to flee their homes. At least nine people have died and 1,500 structures have been destroyed. 

Billy Previdi and his wife, Jill, said they suddenly heard banging on the door of their AirBnB with the owner of the property telling them they needed to get out immediately. The property owner alerted Previdis and their friends to the flames, which could be seen coming closer in the hills nearby.

"We were lucky that she came and got us because we were dead asleep," Billy Previdi said. "We would have never known anything was going on."

The Previdis and the other couple heeded that urgent warning, got into their rental vehicle and tried to find their way to safety. Several other fires also burning in the area.

Work is nearly done at the new buildings at Corbins Corner in West Hartford and some businesses said they plan to open next month while others plan to open sometime this summer.

"The fact that we drove through all that, nothing falling on our car, didn't crash into any trees," Billy Previdi said. "We just really consider ourselves fortunate, but we feel so badly for the people that have lost so much up there."

Like the Previdis and their friends, many people were forced to evacuate on very short notice.

The Connecticut couples did drive out safely and headed south to the coastal town of Carmel. They are scheduled to return to Connecticut on Saturday.

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