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Connecticut Father May Be Deported

A Connecticut couple is fighting to stay together after hearing one of them is going to be deported.

Joel Colindres came to the U.S. from Guatemala 13 years ago. And seven years ago, he married Connecticut native Samantha.

Since then, the two have been fighting for the necessary documents for Joel to stay in the U.S.A.

"Let's do it the right way, you've been paying into money for social security, you're not going to be having retirement," said Samantha Colindres.

Colindres said problem is, back in 2004, when he was 20 years old and living in Texas, he missed an immigration court date.

"There's a deportation order on him because he missed a court hearing," said Samantha, "They had his address completely wrong, his first name was spelled with a k, his last name was wrong, he never even received the order to go the court."

Because of the order, Colindres said he cannot apply for citizenship. Instead, he has been granted several Stay of Deportation or "stays,"

which is an Immigration and Customs Enforcement-approved order allowing him to remain in the country for one year. Last Thursday, the couple received the results from their most recent "stay" application.

"Denied, your stay has been denied, and you have thirty days to leave the country. I broke down in tears, how can you do this!?" said Samantha.

It's news the couple has not been able to share yet with their six-year-old son, and two-year-old daughter.

"How do you tell them? Hey, I'm sorry I got to leave. I don't know when I am going to see you again," said Joel Colindres.

ICE tells NBC Connecticut they are not going to take Colindres into custody at this time. Instead, they placed him on a GPS monitoring program. ICE also said "he was instructed to report back to ICE with an itinerary as proof he intends to comply with his removal order."

Until the time comes, the couple is working with attorney's to clear up the court date issue, and keep her family together in the country they say they love.

"We have to prepare for the worst, but no matter what, I am always going to love this country," said Colindres.

The couple plans to hold a rally Thursday on the 300th block of Main Street in West Hartford.

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