Connecticut Made Logo to Help CT Companies Show Their Roots

You might start to notice a new label on some of the food and products you buy. State lawmakers unveiled a new Connecticut Made logo, which local businesses can use to set themselves apart. 

The logo is free to makers and manufactures of Connecticut products. 

“We’re so excited about launching this new Connecticut Made initiate,” State Rep. Caroline Simmons said. “We think it’s an excellent way to showcase many of the excellent products made in our state, ranging from beer to maple syrup, to honey, to everything from submarines to helicopters.” 

The logo was created through a bill passed last year and it resembles the state’s Still Revolutionary brand. 

Michael Acosta, the owner of Story and Soil coffee in Hartford, plans to use the new brand. 

“What differentiates us from any other coffee shop is that we are for the community,” Acosta said. “If we’re able to distinguish ourselves as folks who are proud about using Connecticut-grown and Connecticut-produced products then sure, that could be an attraction.” 

“I think in general it’s good to support local products,” said customer, Heather Einstein. 

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