Correction Officer Given Narcan After Possible Exposure to Fentanyl at Work


A Connecticut Department of Correction officer was given a dose of Narcan after finding a bag that had held fentanyl among an inmate’s belongings at a correctional center, according to officials from the department.

Officials said it happened while processing a new inmate around 1 p.m. on Dec. 17 at the Hartford Correctional Center.

While the correction officers were taking an inventory of the offender’s property, they found wo small empty plastic bags, which the inmate admitted had contained fentanyl, according to the Department of Correction.

Soon after, one of the officers began to feel lightheaded and medical staff at the facility evaluated both of them, then administered a dose of Narcan to the officer who was not feeling well.

An ambulance transported him to Saint Francis Hospital and tests were inconclusive for exposure to fentanyl, officials said. The officer was then released from the hospital.

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