Please Send Us That Check …Again

Hundreds of Customer Payments to Utility Vanish

Connecticut Light & Power Company says it *still* cannot find hundreds of customers' payments made in January.

CL&P and Yankee Gas, subsidiaries of Northeast Utilities, are set to meet with the state Department of Public Utility Control to review billing and customer service issues.

Spokesman Mitch Gross tells us the payments weren't "lost".  Instead, he insists they were never received.  He stressed that those same customers also reported missing payments to other companies.

A Waterbury customer noticed that his January payment had not been credited when he received the February bill. The customer called CL&P and was told that payments mailed between Jan. 12 and Jan. 16 had been lost.

A company spokesman said that only a "handful" of checks could not be found, but the reports prompted the DPUC to get involved. The company now says that 697 payments are known to be missing.

The company is issuing a stop payment fee to them of $30, waiving any late fees and flagging those accounts in case the payments do arrive.

CL&P provides electricity to 1.2 million customers in Connecticut.

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