Crafty Would-Be Bank Robber Leaves With No Loot

A would-be robber went to elaborate measures but never got the cash, cops said

A would-be bank robbery in Vernon sounds a little bit like Oceans 13, minus the casino -- and the stolen cash.

Someone apparently cut a hole through the ceiling of New Alliance Bank, then cut wires to the alarm and security cameras to get to the loot. But, no loot was actually taken. 

A bank employee called 911 to report that the alarm to the bank had been tripped, bringing police to find the elaborate work.

Police said this bank was hit in the same way back in April and they think the incidents are related.

Vernon police and the regional SWAT team have been investigating the attempted robbery in the Tri-City Plaza since about 4 a.m. They had not found anyone as of 8 a.m.

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