Cubs Become Heroes for Milford Shelters

Some cub scouts in Milford Sunday gave those less fortunate something to be thankful for.

The scouts are collecting all the Thanksgiving trimmings for people in their community who need it.  The supplies include all kinds of canned goods, green beans, peas, and of course, turkeys.

"We stay within this community of Milford.  We really don't give the food anywhere else," said Kevin Pelham, Scoutmaster for the Milford Cub Scout Pack.  "That's what's so great about this," he exclaimed.

This marks the fourth year these scouts have been helping others out.  At the drop-off point, Wasson Field, people have been dropping off food for the cause over several days.  But someone has to be there to get it, and sort it.  That is where the scout campers came in.  The scouts slept at the park over the weekend to be sure not to miss one donation.

"It's pretty fun collecting the turkeys and going inside the freezer," said scout Ryan Lapadula.

The scouts used what they called a turkey-o-meter.  After five turkeys are donated, another feather is earned and put on the turkey meter.  By Sunday morning, more than 300 turkeys had been collected.  The turkey meter was running out of space for feathers.

"I think the best part of doing this is when you deliver to the families," said Pelham.  "The expression from the people, thank you so much."

"It's a good feeling," Pelham said for all the scouts.

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