Videos Show Enfield Police Pursuit That Ended With Fatal Crash

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Newly released video is revealing more about a police pursuit that ended in a deadly crash just over the Connecticut-Massachusetts border in Longmeadow last summer.

New dashcam video shows Enfield police officers racing down Route 5 in the middle of a hot summer day, in pursuit of a suspected drunk driver, swerving in an out of traffic and into oncoming lanes, reaching speeds of 76 miles per hour. 

“We’re crossing in Mass now. Ohhh and we’re crashed.  Start me medics.  He just hit a mail truck right at the line.  Start me everybody,” says an officer in audio recordings of communications between those responding to the scene.

In less than two minutes the pursuit ends.

“Yeah, it’s bad,” said one of the first officers on the scene.

Daniel Lynes said he was hit by the driver police were chasing, 47-year-old David Cersosimo, of Rocky Hill.  Lynes spoke with NBC Connecticut shortly after the crash that day.

"All of a sudden I got hit from behind.  Didn't even see him coming, the pickup truck,” he told us on August 22, 2019.

You can hear the officer who initiated the traffic stop refer to the incident in the newly released audio communications.

“What’s the vehicle wanted for?” Signal 4’s hit another car at Five and Brainard,” the officer answered,

Next Lynes told us he saw two Enfield police cars rush by him in pursuit of the pickup. Less than two minutes later, Cersosimo crashed into a mail truck driven by Dan Nacin, a 40-year postal employee. 

Other surveillance video from a nearby gas station shows the moment Nacin pulled into the intersection on a green light and was hit by Cersosimo’s pickup.  Nacin had just finished his route for the day.  A large plume of smoke can be billowing up with debris flying through the air.

NBC Connecticut reached out to the Hampden District Attorney’s Office for the results of Cersosimo’s toxicology report but did not hear back.

Enfield Police Chief Aleric Fox also didn’t respond to our multiple requests for comment, both in person and over the phone.  In the past, he’s defended his officer’s decision to pursue the suspect.

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