Democrats to Challenge Bridgeport Lawmaker Involved in Election Probe

Three Bridgeport Democrats are challenging or considering a race to unseat a fellow Democratic state representative who faces an election probe.

The state Elections Enforcement Commission has recommended that the chief state's attorney prosecute Rep. Christina Ayala and her mother, Santa Ayala, Bridgeport's Democratic registrar of voters, for conspiring to let her use a false address while voting, campaigning and participating in the state's public campaign-finance program.

The case is pending.

Ayala also was fined $350 for a hit-and-run incident.

Domestic violence charges were dropped after Ayala completed counseling in connection to an arrest over a fight with her then-boyfriend and allegations she attacked his girlfriend at a bar.

Ayala tells the Connecticut Post she looks forward to a second term. She says she feels she's grown.

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