Man Disses Dog, Throws Grandma to Ground

A grandma from Uncasville was walking her dog in the park when a man threw her to the ground as her grandchildren watched.

"He shook me and he threw me to the floor," Elenni Vourtsis, 56, of Uncasville, said.

Vourtsis was at Fort Shantock in Uncasville with three of her grandchildren when a man dressed in all black started cursing at her for walking her dog in the park, she said.

He grabbed her arms and threw her to the ground, face first.
"I never thought, in a beautiful park like that, that something like that (would) happen. It was an awful feeling, just terrible," Vourtsis said.

She is now taking painkillers for the bruises on her thighs and breastbone, she's wearing a neck brace and is scheduled for an MRI to check out her headaches.

Her 11-year-old granddaughter who was there during the attack told police what she saw, but so far it has not been enough because the attacker is still out there.

The attacker is as a man in his 20s, about 5 feet, 6 and was with a woman, who was also wearing all black. The two were seen leaving the park in a white car.

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