Twice in Three Hours: Drunken Driving Deja Vu

Farmington Police arrested a South Windsor women for two separate counts of DUI in less than three hours.

It all started at 1:08 a.m. on Saturday, when Elsa Veisor, 29, of South Windsor was pulled over on Farmington Avenue.

She was taken to the Farmington Police Department, according to police, and a friend picked her up.

But after they left the department, that friend drove Veisor to her car, where it had been left on Farmington Avenue, according to a police report. She was driving it away and was pulled over for the second time at 3:50 a.m., according to police. 

After that arrest, Veisor was cited for DUI -- again -- driving with a suspended license (she lost her license as a result of the 1:08 a.m. DUI arrest.) and for traveling unreasonably fast.

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