Emails From The Alias has obtained the emails connected to the bribery investigation of Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez.  Prosecutors say Mayor Perez set up the account under the alias 'Willie Nunez' back in 2004, but the documents included just 10 emails and none were sent out by the mayor. 

"My questions is, is that all the emails?  Were there other email accounts?  Were there other emails for an address that has been set up for four or five years?  That doesn't make sense," said Ken Kennedy, a Hartford city council member.

Perez is accused of getting free renovations to his Hartford home for city contractor Carlos Costa while also helping Costa bypass scrutiny from other city officials on the Park Street project. 

According to the arrest warrant, the mayor's former special assistant said the 'Willie Nunez' account was used to alert the mayor about issues of special importance.

One email from 2004 makes reference to Carlos Costa.  The others are unrelated.

"My problem with that email account under that fictitious names is that you couldn't request that information from that email unless you knew it.  It's like a private secret club among friends, as opposed to an open mayor's office," said councilman Kennedy.

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