Ammunition Was Stolen: Police

The John Daniels School was in lockdown.

Ammunition in a car that led to a school lockdown in New Haven was stolen from a trailer at the police station, police said.

On Monday afternoon, a woman brought ammunition she found in the basement of her home to the Hill North Police Substation at 90 Hallock St. in New Haven.

The bomb squad responded at 12:38 p.m. after receiving a report of explosives and ammunition inside a parked vehicle.

Bomb squad technicians examined the car and determined that the items were ammunition and tear gas-type canisters, but not explosives, New Haven police said.

The items had been stolen from an equipment trailer at the West Haven Police Department that contained old surplus items that were unusable, according to police.

The West Haven Police Department is investigating the burglary.

The discovery of ammunition led to a lockdown at the John Daniels School as first responders investigated.

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