Extra Police at Southington High Today After Rumor of Threat

There will be an increased police presence at Southington High School on Wednesday after a rumor of a threat against the school.

Superintendent Timothy Connellan sent an email to parents Wednesday morning about the rumor.

He said some parents reached out to him about the possible threat and he turned the information over to police.

After investigating, police determined the rumor was started after student discussions at school about an incident last week involving a racist video that was posted online, according to Connellan. Police continue to investigate that incident, in which a Southington High School student was recorded making racist statements.

Connellan urged parents to assure their children that there is no credible threat to Southington High School and there is no evidence that a threat ever existed.

Out of an abundance of caution, police will have an extra officer patrolling the school to provide an extra measure of security, police said.

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