Fight For Your Right To… Own A Chicken


Nothing like waking up to the chickens back on the old farm, huh?

Heck, who needs a farm when you have New Haven?

Residents of the Elm City have been getting their cluck on, so much so that city alderman Roland Lemar plans on presenting an ordinance to regulate the chicken frenzy.

Scores of New Haven homeowners have been keeping chickens in their backyards and homes for various purposes.  Some use the chickens to devour bugs and provide manure for fertilizer, while others may use them for their eggs while treating them as pets.

According to the New Haven Advocate, there has been a longstanding “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in regards to owning the chickens, even though there is a zoning law on the books prohibiting livestock.

Lemar’s ordinance will propose that each household would be allowed to own up to six hens.

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