First Responders & Andover Couple Help Rescue Woman

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A water rescue in Columbia was caught on camera after police officers, state troopers and an Andover couple jumped into action to save a woman's life.

The rescue happened on Parker Bridge Road in Columbia just after 6:30 p.m., according to State Police.

Michael and Stephanie Einsiedal happened to be at the right place at the right time when they received word about someone needing help on a flooded road.

The Einsiedal's own a Humvee and typically drive around after a storm, but their joy ride turned into a late afternoon rescue.

"The lady was clinging on for dear life," said Michael Einsiedal. "We cruised over there water nice and slow and the water was pretty deep."

The couple drove down Parker Bridge Road just when the water was beginning to rise in the streets, not too long after two state troopers showed up behind them.

The four of them hopped on the Humvee and took off into the rushing water to find the woman in need.

"You could only see just the very top of the vehicle and one of the state troopers he jumped right in and swam over to the woman," said Einsiedal.

According to state police, the woman drove into the water-filled road just before 6:00 p.m. and several fire departments responded to the road.

The Einsiedal's said they were just glad to have the ability to help out.

"I'm just glad that she was by herself and there weren't two kids in the vehicle because it would've been a whole different story," said Michael Einsiedal.

The big message from state police was, "if you see any large amounts of water or any water signs, turn around."

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