Flood Warnings Issued for Parts of State

Flood warnings have been issued for parts of Connecticut because the Connecticut River is above flooding stage.

Flood stage is 16 feet for the river in the Hartford area, according to the National Weather Service, and it was at 16.7 feet as of 12:46 p.m. and is expected to rise to nearly 17.4 feet by early Friday before beginning to fall.

In Middle Haddam, flood stage is 7 feet and the Connecticut River had already reached 7.1 feet as of 12:55 p.m., causing minor flooding, according to the National Weather Service. The river is expected to continue rising to near 7.7 feet after midnight.

Lowland flooding is expected along the river from Hartford through Wethersfield and Glastonbury and affect several riverside roadways, as well as several park and recreational facilities.

Further downstream flooding has expected in low-lying sections along the Connecticut River from Wethersfield and Glastonbury downstream through Cromwell and Middletown.


In Portland, Route 17A is closed near the fairgrounds because of flooding.
The flood warning is in effect until further notice.

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