Courtney Bets Cigars, Chocolate, Wine

Kentucky puts up bourbon, ale and chocolate.

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One of the best things about any big sports matchup is seeing what kind of locally-themed products politicians will put up in their "friendly game wagers."  And the UConn-Kentucky Final Four match-up on Saturday night is no exception.

We already told you what the governors are wagering.  Click here to read that story.

Now, the congressman are getting involved. 

Connecticut's U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney (D-2nd District) is going head-to-head with Rep. Ben Chandler (D-Kentucky)

Chandler is putting up a basket of products from Central Kentucky, including Alltech’s Kentucky Ale, Ruth Hunt’s Blue Monday chocolate bars, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Mingua Beef Jerky, Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Ruth Hunt’s Bourbon Balls. 

Rep. Courtney on the other hand is offering cigars from Jarmoc Farms, UConn chocolate bars from Munson's Chocolate Co. and two bottles of wine from Priam Vineyards.

Let the smack talk begin.

“Kentucky has made a nice, unexpected run to the Final Four, but I’m afraid Coach Calipari is going to come up short again this year in his championship quest,” Courtney said.  

Chandler countered with this, “Courtney’s Connecticut candy is going to taste great—sweet victory.  Every Kentuckian I know is swelling with pride right now after avenging an early season loss against North Carolina — now, it’s UConn’s turn. I know we’re going to win and win big, on Saturday night. Go Cats!” 

So who will walk away with the goods? Fortunately for all of us, it will be the players, not the politicians, who'll decide.

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