Fore! A Whale of a Time.

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 Are you a Whaler fanatic?

Are you a lover of the links?

 If so, we finally have the event for you.
This is your chance to play with an ex-Whaler or celebrity,  then hang out with them at a private reception after your round is over.
This is your chance to live in the past as you share stories of past Whaler glory. A DJ will even be playing your favorite tunes from the 80’s to cap off the night. I’m sure “Brass Bonanza” will be played more than once as well.
Now that's my type of power play!!
This idea is the brainchild of Whalers Sports and Entertainment.  For more Whaler-themed events, click here for their website.
Wanna see Megan Fox rockin' the logo?  Check this out.
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