Former A&P Workers Rally for Jobs

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal joined former A&P supermarket workers on Wednesday as employees of the shuttered store fight for their jobs.

Some A&P workers were not rehired when seven local stores were sold to Big Y in September and those workers held a rally on Wednesday in West Hartford to ask Big Y to rehire them and commit to providing good jobs in the community.

Big Y released a statement on Wednesday, saying the company invited all A&P and Wauldbaum's employees to apply for work at Big Y. 

The company said it interviewed more than 2,500 applicants, including almost 450 from the stores. Some of them did not respond to requests to schedule interviews.

"Big Y hired over 550 local men and women to staff our new stores and others in Connecticut and appreciate their hard work and dedication during our grand openings and throughout the season," the company said in a release.

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